Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Saturday, December 6, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – Sunny – 82F

The weather is still nice as we head South toward Costa Rica…

Breakfast in Horizon Court.  It’s warm so I need out at the pool area.  Standard but good breakfast – waffle, cottage cheese, sour cream, and preserves.  The coffee is good and the wait staff comes by often with refills.

The morning is a relaxing one – reading and watching the water go by on Deck 14 aft.

IMG_20141206_Best Seat Back Deck

Why We Sail – Back Deck


I am hoping that the presentations have legs as my second presentation is scheduled for 1:30 PM.

“DNA Testing -Cold Cases Solved” – draws over 500 people.  The techs have improved the sharpness of the image using modifications to the computer aspect ratio and some magic in the control booth but it is a trial and error process.  The headset works great.

It is warm enough to sit out on the deck and read.  I finish the Jack Reacher novel - “Worth Killing For”.  I liked the novel because it had more than the usual number of bad guys being popped by Jack.

Started “Riptide” by Robert Prescott – modern day take on Jack the Ripper (in Venice California).  The book’s protagonist, Jennifer Silence, is a forensic linguist and document examiner.  I found out about this book while reading an article on line about the current Jack the Ripper DNA controversy.  The author of the post suggested reading his fictional take on the Ripper so I did.

After Dinner, it is still warm outside and so I hop out on the deck to get a shot of a beautiful Pacific Sunset.

IMG_20141206_Sunset at Sea

Tonight’s headliner is Sonia Selbie – a perky singer with a lot of movement and a pretty big voice.  She didn’t say much about her background (not much on Google either).  Her show was very entertaining but she moves around a little too much.

She made her way through the audience while singing “Downtown” but her showstopper was “I Dreamed a Dream”.  Not many singers have the range and pipes to do that song but she pulled it off.

20141206_ I Deamed a Dream 1 (Small)

20141206_ Sonia Selbie 1 (Small)

20141206_Carpentet medley (Small)

20141206_I Deamed a Dream (Small)20141206_Sonia in crowd (Small)20141206_Sonia never stands still (Small)20141206_Sonia Downtown (Small)

After the show, we went up to listen to Lynn on the piano on Deck 7.  We had seen her before on the Island Princess.

A little peace and quiet on Deck 7 between the theater and Vista Lounge was next so we could get some reading done.

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