Monday, December 22, 2014

Friday, December 5, 2014 – Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – Sunny - 82F

Los Angeles to Cabo San Lucas: 830 Nautical Miles (20.2 knots)

A beautiful morning at sea…

I arrived at the Princess Theater about 40 minutes early for my 10 AM presentation – “The CSI Phenomenon”.  I got set up pretty quickly but the image on the theater screen was fuzzy.  This would be OK for this presentation but future ones would need a clearer image – the techs said they would work with the aspect ratio to sharpen the image.  They did have a headset mic and that was a major positive.

Sammi was just passing through and Ellen convinced her to get up on the stage for picture with me.

20141205_Sammi and me (Small)

Sammi and Me

(NOTE: The Princess Theater has a seating capacity of 709).

By the time I got started, the theater was about 50 percent full – translating to about 300 – 350 people).  The audience was pretty interactive shouting out comments as I went along and answering questions, as well.

20141205_Talk 1 (Small) 20141205_Talk 1 a (Small)

The CSI Phenomenon

While I was presenting, Ellen was up on the open deck snapping photos of the Cabo sail in.

20141205_ Cabo Sail in 2 (Small) 20141205_ Cabo Sail in 1 (Small)

20141205_Los Arcos from GP (Small) 20141205_Los Arcos from ship (Small)

Sail In – Including Los Arcos

After lunch, we went to the Bernini Room to get our Tender Tickets.  The tendering process was very well organized – the wait was short, there were plenty of boats, and the boats left right away once filled.  The 10 minutes to shore was very smooth and, as a bonus, I got a seat on the top outside.

20141205_on the tender (Small)

Best Seat in the House

20141205_ET on tender going (Small)

Same Tender – In the Shade

20141205_three tenders for Cabo (Small)

Three Tenders Ready to Go

The shots below are from the tender ride to Cabo San Lucas.

20141205_tendering to Cabo (Small) 20141205_GP and Los Arcos (Small)  20141205_tendering to Cabo 1 (Small)

I was able to get one shot of the ship as the tender headed for Cabo.

20141205_ GP from tender going (Small)

20141205_Los Arcos from tender (Small)

Los Arcos from the Tender

We walked around the pier area.  One of our favorite stops in Cabo is the Beauty Spa – offering great spa treatments for great prices.  We also walked several blocks behind the pier area stopping when the streets started to disappear.  It was a little warm and shade was at a premium but we did cover quite a bit of ground.

There was a strong armed police presence in the town.  It also looked like Cabo had recovered well from the pounding it took from a hurricane a few months earlier.

After getting some items from the open market, we headed back to the Tender Pier.

20141205_Cabo harbor (Small)  

Cabo Harbor

While we were walking the streets of Cabo, the HAL Statendam arrived and anchored.  I was able to get the Golden Princess and the Statendam from the area of the tender pier.

20141205_Statendam an GP anchored (Small)

Two Ships at Anchor

The return tender process also went very smoothly.  I took the opportunity on the ride back to get as many pictures of the Golden Princess as I could (to eventually grace the cover of a photo book).

20141205_ GP from tender 1 (Small) 20141205_ GP from tender 2 (Small) 20141205_ GP from tender 3 (Small)  20141205_GP from tender (Small)  

After dinner, we just took it easy.

Chris Riggins is the headliner tonight in the Princess Theater.  He is an ex-football player (probably high school) but now he is a classically trained singer.  Very good show with classical numbers mixed in with show tunes and Josh Groban tunes.  One especially good number was “Starry Starry Night” (Don McLean) because the songs describe many of Van Gogh’s painting, which are shown in a video montage during the song.  Very nice.  Entertaining evening.

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