Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Sunday, December 7, 2014 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean- Sunny – 82F

Happy Birthday, Leo…

The weather continues to be very nice as we continue South along the coast of Central America.

Breakfast in the Horizon Court Café – tried an omelet today but reverted back to my waffle combo – a creature of habit when it comes to breakfast.  I brought Ellen an eggbeater omelet to the room – it was good and will be the breakfast of choice – along with fruit - for personal room service.  Princess has improved their omelet process – you get a ticket for your omelet in the buffet line and hand it to a waiter – in a few minutes a hot dish is delivered to your table.  Beats standing in a crowd around the omelet counter.

A warm morning meant reading on the deck.  We tried something different today – we went to the adult pool next to the gym on Deck 15 forward.  It is pretty quiet and today, there were a few empty deck chairs.  The venue was very comfortable and we managed to get some lemon ice water brought to us by the deck butler handling the pool.  Perfect place for reading with the only downside being that the pool area has no view of the sea.

20141207_ Adult Pool D15forward (Small)

Adult Pool – Deck 15 Forward

Lunch is special today – The Crown Grill is running its “Pub Grill Lunch” – Fish and Chip, Bangers and Beans, etc.  We got there pretty early because we thought it would be crowded – it was actually only partially full – no wait would have been required.  We had the supremely greasy but very fresh and tasty fish and chips (I asked for another piece of fish because the last time we did this on the Grand Princess, the plate only had one piece of fish).  This time, there were three pieces of fish.  It was all really good albeit still very greasy.  Only drawback – only water and drinks are served during the lunch. 

I was already dressed for my talk today, which was scheduled for 1:30 PM.  The “Mystery of the Romanovs” was very attended with about 550 people in attendance.  The only seats not occupied were right in the front, where it is difficult to see the slides.  

20141207_ Mystery of the Romanovs 5 (Small)20141207_ Mystery of the Romanovs 3 (Small)

20141207_ Mystery of the Romanovs 4 (Small)   

Mystery of the Romanovs – Nice Turnout

The seas got a little rough in the afternoon and I was able to witness the water attempting to leave the pool.

IMG_20141207_Rough Seas Pool Emptying

Rock and Roll in the Pool Area

The show tonight in the Theater features an encore performance by singer, Chris Riggins.  He put together another entertaining show.

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