Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Sunday, June 3, 2012 – At Sea – Irish Sea – Cloudy – Cold – 50s

A nice – but not warm – day at sea.

We were cruising very close to the shore as the UK was clearly visible.

6-3 At Sea (Small)

The morning was spent in the Mosaic Cafe enjoying lattes and getting ready for today’s lecture.  The lecture today - “The Mystery of the Romanovs” was being held in the Looking Glass Lounge because High Tea for the Queen’s Jubilee was going on in the Cabaret.  She is the Queen, after all.

AV did a nice job of setting up the Looking Glass Lounge – a portable projector and screen and a hand held mic.  It all worked just fine and the image was actually better than that in the Cabaret Lounge.  The only complaint was the obstructed view due to columns in the lounge.  The attendance was good at about 40 people.

After the lecture, we dropped in on High Tea – pretty well attended and I got a picture of the Royal Ice Sculpture (below).

Jubilee High Tea (Small)   

As we noticed during the first production show, the ship has put in a high tech multi-screen hi def rear projection system.  Tonight’s show - “Voices” – is designed with the new system in mind.  The show does not use the orchestra but instead, the background vocals and instrumental sounds are generated by a telegenic group of nine singers.  They introduced themselves before the show and their images were integrated into the show, which starred the eight singers and dancers on board.  The show required perfect synchronization between the live and recorded performers.  It was seamless and by far the best show we have seen on a cruise ship to date.  It may usher in a whole new way of putting on shows.

In the pictures below, you can get a glimpse of the pre-recorded voices in the background as the Azamara Singers and Dancers perform “Voices”

Voices 1 (Small) 

Voices 2 (Small) Voices 3 (Small) Voices 4 (Small) Voices 5 (Small) Voices the Prayer (Small)

“The Prayer”

Voices 6 (Small)

Eric also joined in

Eric De Gray Voices (Small)

After the show, off to the Mosaic to hear Jeff Warren.  We were also able to get our first bit of forensic evidence that we were on the ship together (below).

Mosaic Cafe relaxing (Small)

Seas are smooth…

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