Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012 – At Sea – Crossing the Arctic Circle – Sunny – 50s

Another cool day at sea.  The water is almost like a lake and in the distance you can see the west coat of Norway.

  Smooth Seas and the coast of Norway (Small)

Smooth Seas

Coast of Norway 6-15-12 (Small)

The Western Coast of Norway

Tonight is Formal Night.  I did bring along a shirt and tie and I hope that will be enough to get me into the Dining Room.  The Maitre D’ said I needed a jacket and he would loan me one.  I didn’t have to wear it just drape it over the back of my chair. I did – no muss; no fuss.

The Headliner at Showtime tonight is Lorraine Brown – Vocalist.  She did some standards, some Motown, and some ballads.  She had a good voice.

After the show, we stopped in to listen to Perry Grant in Michael’s Club.  Perry really grew on us – good piano player and singer and he has an unusual comic shtick that he does with members of the audience.  He asks them about their homes and the features in the various rooms.  For some reason, it is really funny.  He is also very funny when he is faking various languages.  He was a hoot.  Luisa told us that he was very popular.

We crossed Arctic Circle crossed at 11:45 PM.  From this point on, there will be no sunsets.   We didn’t how big an issue that would be for our sleeping habits (since the curtains and shades did not block out the sun completely).

Seas are still smooth.

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