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Saturday, June 2, 2012 – Holyhead, Wales – Partly Cloudy – 60s

Dublin, Ireland to Holyhead, Wales: 51 Nautical Miles

Holyhead (“Holly-Head”) is the largest town on the island of Anglesey (North Wales).  Prince William and Kate Middleton live near the RAF Base on Anglesey Island (near Holyhead).

 Our Cabin from Holyhead pier (Small)  

Our stateroom (Middle Lifeboat)

Holyhead is a typical UK village – narrow streets and shops and lots of pubs.  The town is very hilly so the walk is a good calorie burner.

 Holyhead Main street (Small)

In the center of town there is an unmarked monument in the shape of an anchor – no doubt a tribute to the mariners of the area.

Anchor monument city center Holyhead (Small)

Anchor Monument – Center of Town

A familiar name caught my eye as I continued through the streets.  Pinewood Studios was famous in the 70s and 80s as the studio where the blockbusters of the day - “Superman” and “Superman II” were shot (it was one of the biggest soundstages in the world).  It seems from the picture below that the studio, like everything else, has been downsized.

Pinewood Studios Holyhead 1 (Small)

Pinewood Studios

Did I mention pubs – there are plenty of them including the quaint one below.

Pub on my walk (Small)

I chatted briefly with a shopkeeper (healing store) who advised me to the local church where her husband was singing in the choir this morning. I was not that interested in the choir concert but I thought I would check out the church – St. Cybi’s - and nearby Roman Fort.

St Cybi's church (Small)

St. Cybi’s Church

The church had a small cemetery attached to it

church cemetery (Small)

and one of the headstones indicated a date of 1830 (below).

St  Cybi's church gravestone 1830 (Small) 

The Roman Fort was adjacent to the church – all that remained of the structure was a tower and wall.

  part of Roman fortress (Small)

Roman Fort

Free WiFi seemed non-existent at Holyhead so I thought I would try the city Library. The Library looked like the newest and largest building in the town and the internet computers were gratis – all you needed to tell them was where you were from.

I got all caught up on everything and then headed back to the ship.  It was warm enough to have lunch on the back deck (the first time so far on this voyage).  I was able to get some nice pictures of the area from the back deck.

View from back deck Holyhead (Small)

Holyhead from Back Deck

 View from back deck Irish Ferries (Small)

Car Ferries ready to go

My second talk - “Cold Cases Closed” – was at 6:30 PM again.  Another good crowd – very much into the material.  The attendance was a bit better at about 35 people.  I should note that of the 600 or passengers on board, about 150 are non-English speaking (mostly Germans).

Pedometer: 5860 steps; 2.78 miles; 287 calories

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