Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Tuesday, January 3, 2012 – Brooklyn, NY – Clear Cold – 25F

Disembarkation Day…

Another bumpy night…

Bow Thrusters engaged around 5 AM so that was as good as an alarm. 

 2012-01-03 Back in Bro0klyn (Small)

Back in Brooklyn before dawn

By 6 AM, we were in the King’s Court for breakfast.  Surprisingly, the buffet was not as crowded as I expected it to be and the food was exactly the same as on a regular day – sometimes, the buffet has an abbreviated menu.  Some pancakes and eggs later and we were ready to pack up for good and go.

We are self disembarking (British for walking off).  The process was scary simple – exit on Deck 3 near the Grand Lobby – scan out – and that’s it.  No crowds, no wait, and no Sea Pass Card souvenirs (Cunard would not let us keep our Sea Pass Cards – the first time that has ever happened;  I wonder why?).

There was a huge crowd at Immigration but it didn’t affect us – We went in through the “US Citizens” line and were first in line. 

We caught a cab right across the street and $35 later (including tip) we were at the Marine Air Terminal at La Guardia.  It was now 9:10 AM.

2012-01-03 On our way to LGA (Small)

Our cab ride to La Guardia

Our Flight, Delta 5947, is scheduled for departure at 1:00 PM so we tried, without success, to get onto earlier flights.  At least there are Delta provided plugs for computers and Kindles and the Delta waiting is pretty comfortable (free coffee and tea for a while).

Lunch was provided – sort of – by Cunard (cream cheese and lox sandwiches and sweet rolls).  The drinks at the airport were highway robbery (8.5 oz of coke for $3.85) – opted instead for bottled water (giant bottle for the same price).

Eventually, our long wait ended and our flight was called.  Again, we are flying the cute little Embraer 175.  I was able to squeeze both of our carry on bags into the overhead compartment. 

2012-01-03 Embraer 175 ready to go home (Small)

Embraer 175 heading for ORD

Gusty winds made for a bumpy takeoff

Climbout LGA (Small)

Climbout LGA

and later on I was knocked around in the washroom during some instant and unforeseen turbulence.  Things eventually settle down and we arrived around 25 minutes early.  The flight attendant made me turn off my camera (now considered an electronic device like a cell phone) because it has an “on-off” switch.  I don’t think a camera emits any radio frequency emissions of any significance.  I have a feeling that, one day, people will be allowed to chat on their mobiles on planes (can’t wait) and I will still have to turn off my camera.

Initial approach ORD (Small)  

On Approach to ORD

We got a ride from the airport and we really did feel like we were back home because the temperature was 15F.

To sum up this trip: The Queen Mary 2 is an amazing technological marvel; the dining room fare was good, the entertainment was great, and, the lecture experience was very rewarding.

Overall, a very nice trip. 

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