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December 31, 2011 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Sunny – 70s

Road Town, Tortola to Brooklyn, NY: 1408 Nautical Miles

The seas are calm and the air is warm.

2011-12-31 At Sea (Small)

2011-12-31 At Sea 1 (Small)

In the morning, I went to hear Christine Rousel’s lecture on “The Art of Rockefeller Center”. 

Following that, we went to see Roger McGuinn’s second show – this time we sat in the front row so I could get some pictures.  We also met Camilla, Roger’s wife, who chatted with Ellen.

2011-12-31 McGuinn (Small) 2011-12-31 McGuinn 3 (Small) 2011-12-31 McGuinn 4 (Small)

Lunch has turned into pizza lunches – pizza, especially, when it comes out of the oven, is really good. 

After lunch, we took in the Planetarium Show - “Search for Life”.  The shows are produced by the American Museum of Natural History and narrated by established stars – Harrison Ford did the narration today.  

My newly added talk - “Forensics and History:  Mysteries of the Seas” is scheduled for 3:30 PM.  This is the first time I have given this  particular talk on a ship.  Attendance was good – maybe 200 – 250 people – and no one left before it was over.  I got some very good feedback on this talk. 

Formal night for New Year’s Even…

Balloons are suspended everywhere…

People from various countries are planning to celebrate their own New Year’s Eve at the time it happens in their own countries. 

2011-12-31 New Years Eve (Small)

Ellen in the Grand Lobby 

The Britannia Dining Room is all decked out in New Year’s Eve Glory.

2011-12-31 Brittania Dining Room (Small)

Britannia Dining Room

 2011-12-31 Formal Night Chart Room (Small)

In our fineries in the Chart Room

The Dining Room was very festive, with balloons on every table.  There were hats for the men (a little small for me) and tiaras for the women. 

2011-12-31 Dining Room (Small)

Britannia Dining Room Lower Level

We look great on this last day of 2011…

2011-12-31 E and New Yeaars Eve (Small) 2011-12-31 Nice Hat (Small)

After a nice dinner, Salmon and Mahi Mahi, we are off to the Royal Court Theater. 

Tonight’s Headliners are “The Unexpected Boys”.  We have seen them before.  Once you get past the non sequitir group name and the silly shtick they do between songs, the boys are a pretty good cover for Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.  They have the choreography down and sound pretty good.  They have some new folks in their group since we last saw them – notably the lead singer.

After the show, we headed tot he Queen’s Room to join in the New Year’s Eve activities.

2011-12-31 Queens Room Ball (Small)

The Queen’s Room

We listened to the music for a while but we never seem to be able to make it to midnight. 

Still it was nice to see the Ship all gussied up for New Year’s Eve. 

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