Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sunday, January 1, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Sunny, Warm – 75F

Our last warm day at sea…

 2012-01-01 At Sea (Small)

I don’t have to lecture today – so the plan is to attend one of the lectures and spend the rest of the day on the warm decks.

I attended Steve Rivellino’s lecture in the morning on “Radio City Music Hall”.  He had some great vintage footage of the Rockettes.

The entire afternoon is spent on Deck 7 – I am on the sunny side since it is a bit cool out there.  This gives me the time to finish “Bossypants” by Tina Fey.  The picture below is my view of the Atlantic Ocean from my deck chair. 

2012-01-01  View from the deck (Small)

On the way to dinner, I took the two pictures below through the window on Deck 2 (near the game hallway).  Why?  Because it looks like a UFO made an appearance in both of them – up close and then departing.  Next stop – National Enquirer.

2012-01-01 UFO (Small)

  2012-01-01 UFO2 (Small) 

Close Encounters of the Second Kind (top left) 

Another formal night tonight…the final one of the voyage.

2012-01-01 E Grand Lobby (Small)

Ellen in her formal outfit – Grand Lobby 

We had great dinners tonight – grilled salmon with a side dish of stir fried vegetables.  The best food yet.

The Royal Court Theater hosts another Production Show tonight - “Impassionata”, which the poster says has been running on ship for 6 years.  It highlights the Royal Cunard Dancers, who are the best we have ever seen.  The show is very good but, in my opinion, each dance segment is too long.  And I wish they would have included an Irish Step Dance.  One of the four singers wasn’t in the show tonight – I wonder what happened to him.

2012-01-01 Impassionata (Small)

2012-01-01 Impassionata1 (Small)

2012-01-01 Impassionata2 (Small)

There is a lot to do tomorrow so we call it a night.

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