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Thursday, December 29, 2011 – Phillipsburg, St. Maarten – Mostly Sunny – 81 F

Castries, St. Lucia to St. Maarten: 277 Nautical Miles

A beautiful day in Phillipsburg, St. Maarten.  We are not on tour today and plan to check out the main shopping area.  Even though we have been here a few times, we have never walked the town because it was either too hot or we were on tour. 

The town is right on the beach but you need to take a water taxi from the cruise terminal to the town ($6 per person round trip) or walk about a mile.

Once in town, we were able to find shade pretty easily.  A nice breeze also cooled things down.

 2011-12-29 Buddha 1 (Small) 

The Buddha and me

 2011-12-29 Phillipsburg SM (Small)

Phillipsburg, St. Maarten

 2011-12-29 Crossroads of the World SM (Small)

Better than GPS (Is that Evanston?)

2011-12-29 Yoda place it is (Small)

A long long time ago, on a Caribbean Island far far away…

2011-12-29 Summit Valor and QM2 SM (Small)

The cruise terminal from the Beach

2011-12-29 Staying out of the Sun (Small)

Ellen on the Beach

2011-12-29 Phillipsburg beach (Small) 

The beautiful beach at Phillipsburg…

2011-12-29 Tropical Downpour (Small)

…and then the rains came

We could not find any WiFi in Phillipsburg so after walking a good deal of the town, we headed back to the ship.

We spent some nice time on the deck to round out the afternoon.  We were so comfortable on the deck that we did not go to dinner in the Dining Room but rather had something to eat in the King’s Court Buffet.  We will be back in the Dining Room tomorrow.

Tonight, after dinner, we are going to the Senior Office Party (invitation below).


The deck party was very nice.  I introduced myself to the Commodore (he said he had heard of me from some passengers).  We had some Mai Tais and snacks.  We had a nice chat with Steve, the Broadway Producer, but knew no one else in the group (a few hundred people).

2011-12-29 Commodore Deck Party (Small) 2011-12-29 Commodore Deck Party 1 (Small)

2011-12-29 Commodore Deck Party 2 (Small)

The Headliner tonight was Pianist David Howarth.  He’s talented but we decided not to stay for the show.

We went to one of the lounges for a while. 

Did a lot of walking today so we headed to the room.

Pedometer: 13597 steps; 6.44 miles; 666 calories

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