Saturday, February 26, 2011

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – At Sea – Pacific Ocean – West Coast of Mexico – Upper 60s – Partly Cloudy

Choppy seas and creaky cabin – not so much sleep

Another beautiful day at sea…

Sea Day 2-1 (Small)

The Coast of Mexico of the Port Side

Following the usual breakfast, we are in the Looking Glass Lounge enjoying the view and reading or blogging.

We had lunch on the back deck (Windows Cafe) even though it was still a bit cool.

 On Deck for lunch (Small) On Deck 2-1 (Small)

Lunch has a gelato bar so I am enjoying a cappuccino gelato in a waffle cone.

Capuccino Latte (Small)

The Activities Manager, Chris, is alternating the two speakers, Bill Fall (Destination) and me, between mornings and afternoons.  So today I am on at 3:00 PM for my “Science of CSI” presentation.  The audience is a bit larger – 100 -120 people (the Cabaret Lounge is 300 at capacity).

Science of CSI 2 (Small) Science of CSI (Small)

We switched tables in the Restaurant to a window near the front (to get away from the engine vibration and yaw).  In addition, from this table, you can hear the harpist, Jacqueline Dolan, who is playing the adjoining Discoveries Bar.

After the talk, it was up to the Looking Glass Lounge (Deck 10) to read and ocean watch.  Cabo San Lucas, Mexico was off the port side. Too bad we are not stopping – it’s a nice port of call.

Cabo (Small)  

The Journey does not have a production company.  Instead it has Cabaret Singers - “Azamara Vocalists” – three girls and two guys.  They sing and dance a little and they are very close to the audience.  They are pretty entertaining.

Cabaret Singers (Small)

Tonight’s show - “Songs of Hollywood” was very good.

Following the show, we listened to Carlos Avalon – piano man – in the Mosaic Cafe.  All drinks, except bar drinks, are included on this ship so my new drink is a Decaf Latte (regular or iced).  Carlos is funny and has a guest microphone for any secret karaoke singers.

Tomorrow is our first port of call, Mazatlan, Mexico and we are on tour so off to the room to rest.

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