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Sunday, January 30, 2011 – San Diego, CA – 60s - Cloudy

Embarkation Day

A cloudy day today

Yacht Harbor and Pizza Novo (Small)

We meet with the family for an early breakfast before packing up and heading down to the lobby for our 11:00 AM Shuttle to the Port of San Diego.  The shuttle is right on time and the ride to the port is short (approx 3 miles).  The Azamara Journey is waiting for us.

Azamara Journey (Small)

Check in is quick and soon we are on board the ship.  The Journey is essentially the same as the Pacific Princess (apparently, both ships were purchased from a now defunct cruise line).  It carries just over 700 passengers but what makes it different is that just about everything is included (wine, bottled water, etc.).

Our room is on the sixth floor (Cabin 6044)

Cabin 6044 (Small) 

It is a nice cabin (with a tiny bathroom and no surfaces on which to place things) but a decent amount of storage and a great view of one of the life boats.  The location is good – midship.

We have lunch in the Windows Cafe (Deck 9) – Salad, Tuna sandwich, and pizza (all good) and then head out to explore the ship.  Again, this ship is identical is all respects to the Pacific Princess but that just makes it that much easier to find our way around.

The sail away from San Diego came under cloudy skies and some drizzle. 

Sailaway SD (Small) USS Ronald Reagen (Small) Aircraft Carrier Museum (Small)

Sail Away – Top:  San Diego Skyline; Middle: The nuclear aircraft carrier, USS Ronald Reagan; Bottom: the Aircraft Carrier Museum

I met with Chris, the Activities Manager, at 6 PM to go over my presentation schedule and film a promo video.  I have eight talks scheduled for this voyage – every sea day.

Dinner is the Discoveries Restaurant is open seating so we get a table for two.  The food was good (they even have hot veggie soups) with wine and lattes included.

After dinner, we take in a few minutes of a wonderful Harpist in the Discoveries Bar before heading to the Cabaret Lounge for the Welcome Aboard Show.  The Cruise Director, Tony (from the UK), is energetic, funny, professional, and talented (he sang).  The show featured one number from each of the entertainers on board including a song by five singers (The Azamara Cabaret Singers).  There is no production group on this cruise.

The highlight of the show was an appearance by Lenny Welch

Lenny Welch (Small)

who sang his 1963 Million Seller, “Since I Fell for You”.  He still sounds pretty good.

So far, the ride is smooth…

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