Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 5, 2011 – Huatulco,, Mexico – Sunny 84 F

Distance from Acapulco to Huatulco:  245 nautical miles

Another beautiful day in paradise – this time paradise is Huatulco, Mexico.  Not too hot and the town is very close to the pier.  There is a beautiful beach area and a small downtown section.  We are not on tour today so we are planning to explore the town and see what has happened since the last time we were here.

 Huatulco Mexico Beach (Small) Huatulco and Journey (Small) 

Top: Beach from the pier; Bottom:  The Journey from the beach

There has been some development since our last visit.  There are a few more restaurants and bars and some new stores have opened.  There is also a clear military presence here (a naval facility is nearby) with the pier manned by armed naval personnel.  We walked in the morning, then had lunch on the ship, and I did some walking in the afternoon.  A very nice day in this small but cute little town.

Sail away provided an extra treat and we were able to see the local pilot disembark while the Journey was moving at a pretty good clip.  He tried several times to jump from the ship to his boat and finally made it on about the third time.

Huatulco Pilot departing (Small)

Pilot disembarking the Journey

Some additional quiet time on the deck kept the relaxed feel of the day going.

Following dinner, we caught Lenny Welch’s full show in the Celebrity Lounge.  He must be in his 70s but he is in real good shape and moves around the stage like he used to.  Seems like a nice man as well. 

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