Sunday, July 21, 2019

October 8, 2018 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Warm and Breezy – 70s

A beautiful day on our first day at sea.

The porthole helps me get up in the morning and supply some real light for the cabin.

I had breakfast in the Oceanview Café on Deck 10 aft (very easy to get to since the cabin in the aft section - just the nearest elevator ride up).  There was plenty of seating and I had the usual breakfast: Waffles, cottage, sour cream (I think) – everything was very good.  I don't recall whether the coffee was Lavazza but it was still good.

My first presentation, “Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs”, was scheduled in the Celebrity Theater at 10:15 AM.  The turnout was small – maybe 200 folks.  I was told by staff than on this particular cruise (Holy Land), there are factors affecting attendance.  Of the 2200 passengers, about 1500 are involved in individual (bible/religious) study groups in the morning.  This leaves a pool of about 700 remaining for the talks – I don’t know how many English speakers there are in this group.  The audience seemed to be receptive (no early departures).  The A/V sworked very well.

Working the morning, leaves the rest of the day open.  

We had lunch in the Ocean View Cafe and then the spend the remainder of the day in the very nice Solarium. 

We ate dinner in the San Marco Dining Room – Mushroom soup, green salad, and "always available" salmon. The meal was good and the service good as well.

Showtime tonight was “Rock City”, one of the production shows. We have seen it many times before so we attended the first 10 minutes – good costumes and the cast works very hard but the show is still above our noise tolerance.

Seas are smooth. Clocks move forward tonight.

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