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Wednesday, December 9, 2015 – At Sea–Atlantic Ocean – Sunny 80s

The weather continues to be fabulous as we make our way to Miami.

20151209_sunrise at sea (Small)

The two sea days are a good time to finish up those books on our Kindles and just take it easy.

The audiences maintain their consistency as “The Whitechapel Murders” pulls another near full house.  Again, Eric attended the entire session.

The Azamara Journey is doing something a bit unusual during the last days of the cruise.  They are changing the bedding in all of the staterooms.  The new bedding is very posh with gigantic pillows and designer sheets.  While they are a major improvement over the old bedding, some passengers apparently are allergic to either the sheets or some material that was not completely washed out before the bedding was installed.  They are getting their old sheets and pillows back for the duration.

20151209_new bedding 1 (Small)20151209_new bedding 3 (Small)20151209_new linens (Small)

The New Bedding (Pretty Spiffy)

Tonight is the Fourth Candle of Hanukkah and the spread continues to be great.  However, tonight there are no jelly donuts – no special dessert after dinner.  Still, a pretty nice touch and check out the huge menorah.  It appears that the menorah was always on board and all it needed was some bulbs.  Now, we have some real lights.

20151209_Chanukah day 4 (Small)

Hanukkah Day 4

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