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Thursday, December 10, 2015 – At Sea–Atlantic Ocean – Sunny 80s

Our last sea day…they have all been great.  Another sunrise over the Atlantic Ocean.  Another wonderful breakfast on Deck 5 aft.

20151210_sunrise at sea (Small)20151210_at sea 1 (Small)

Although not affecting us, an isolated rainstorm provides another interesting vista of sailing on the open seas.

20151210_at sea (Small)20151210_at sea 2 (Small)


My final talk, “Identifying the Famous and Infamous”, enjoyed a good turnout – almost full.  A nice round of applause capped off a very successful lecture series (the most successful on either the Journey or the Quest).  I don’t believe any previous cruise on any ship has involved giving 10 lectures – so a new record has been set.

We received an invitation to attend a tour of the Engine Control Room.  We met in the Guest Services lobby and were escorted into the Control Room.  The Chief Engineer, himself, conducted the tour.  It was not really a tour (nothing to tour) but a presentation describing how the engines work and the capabilities of the ship.

It was all very interesting except for the fact that some passengers have to show off their vast (and mostly incorrect) knowledge of maritime engineering.  I would much rather hear the ship’s engineer speak. 

20151210_Chief Engineer (Small)20151210_Chief Engineer 1 (Small)20151210_engine room tour (Small)

Engine Room Tour

Tonight the Singers and Dancers are putting on the final production show, “Stage Door to Dreams”.  The show, which we have seen on an earlier cruise, is all about making it big on Broadway or the West End.  It does have some great numbers and terrific dancing and is probably the most enjoyable of the production shows.

20151210_Stage Door Dreams (Small)

Stage Door to Dreams

20151210_Seasons of Love (Small)

“Seasons of Love”

The show ended with an extended medley of songs from “Hairspray” with Eric dressed up as Mrs. Turnblad.  With the extra height of the wig and feathers, he is huge and has to duck when stepping on the stage.  The big number, of course, is “You Can’t Stop the Beat”.  Nearly every ship on the seas does this number and each version has different choreography.

20151210_Hairspray (Small)20151210_Hairspray 1 (Small)20151210_ Hairspray 2 (Small)20151210_ Hairspray 4 (Small)


Captain Johanes joined Eric after the number to again thank everyone for sailing on the Journey. 

20151210_Johannes w eric (Small)

The Tall and Short of It

There was a post show tribute to ABBA.  I don’t remember anyone looking like the Singers and Dancers did during the years ABBA was on top of the charts. Entertaining, nevertheless.

The big moment was Eric on roller skates whizzing around the room.  When he stretches out and skates on one leg, he almost reaches across half the stage.  It looks a little dangerous but he survived. 

20151210_eric on skates Abba (Small)

A Tribute to ABBA and Eric on Skates

We are all packed and ready to go home tomorrow.

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