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Friday, December 11, 2015 – Miami, FL – Partly Cloudy – mid 70s

Distance from Virgin Gorda to Miami, FL: 1300 Nautical Miles

It was a wonderful crossing and several nice and warm days in the Caribbean but now it is time to go home.

Treated to another sunrise but this one was in Miami, FL.  The clouds look more menacing than they really are and we don’t expect any issues with our flights.

20151211_sunrise miami (Small)20151211_miami (Small)20151211_miami 1 (Small)

Sunrise Over Miami

We took the Azamara Shuttle to MIA and we were there in plenty of time for our 12:10 PM departure.  Our plane, AA1017, is parked at the gate and luggage is being loaded.  All good signs.

20151211_ aa1017 take 1 a (Small)20151211_aa1017 take 1 (Small)

AA1017 Ready to Go

As boarding time got closer, I could tell that all was not well.  Flight crews were buzzing around the check in desk.  Not a good sign.  Finally, the announcement came that our jet was unable to fly (some mechanical issue) and a new aircraft would have to be brought in.  The new gate and time would be forthcoming.

To my surprise, just a few gates away, a new 737-800 appeared as the new AA1017.  Perhaps, they ordered from Amazon Prime.  In any event, the delay was short and soon we were boarding our replacement aircraft.  No seats had to be juggled since the two planes were identical (except for the paint job).

20151211_ aa1017 take 2 (Small)

AA1017 – Really Ready to Go

You can tell by all of the pictures that I had a window seat on this flight.  I think I might have been alone in my row.  The next few shots are from our scenic climb out from Miami International Airport.

20151211_takeoff-1 (Small)20151211_ takeoff 1-1 (Small)20151211_climboutn1 (Small)20151211_miami climbout (Small)20151211_climbout (Small)

MIA Climb Out

The flight was uneventful – pretty smooth.

As we neared Chicago O’Hare, we picked up a buddy on the port side of the plane. 

20151211_buddy system (Small)

Buddy in the Air

Soon we were on final approach…

20151211_enroute (Small)20151211_argonne accel (Small)

Argonne National Lab Accelerator (I Think)

20151211_final approach (Small)20151211_touchdown (Small)


It was a great cruise.  Even though we had aircraft issues at both ends, it all worked out.  And although we missed our day in Barcelona, we made up for it with a wonderful dinner. 

We are going to be back on the Azamara Journey in a few months for a Panama Canal Cruise.  Looking forward to it.

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