Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014 – At Sea (Norwegian Sea) – Cloudy – 54F

A cloudy, cool day at sea…

Still looking for a good night’s sleep and a workable breakfast combination (even though the food is good).

20140710_ships position 530PM (Small) 20140710_at sea (Small) 

At Sea

My second talk - “Landmark Cases” is scheduled for 11:15 AM.  While setting up, I was asked how long my talk was.  I said it was about 50-55 minutes long and the tech told me I had to be done is less than 45 minutes because the dancers needed the theater for rehearsals.  After a little discussion, I told him I would do my best to finish on time.  I spent some time before the talk chatting with attendees.

20140710_pre talk 2 (Small)

20140710_talk 2 (Small)

The attendance was very good – near capacity – and a big increase from first talk (going by the 358 total capacity, the attendance was between 280 and 300 people).

20140710_talk 2 1 (Small)

Good Attendance

I checked my watch several times during the talk and wound up finishing in 40 minutes (must have sounded pretty rushed).  We left in a hurry and I chatted with some folks outside the theater.

We spent a good deal of the afternoon reading, which allowed me to finish “Without Fail” another Jack Reacher novel by Lee Child.  It had the most detail of any Reacher novel I have read to date – it was almost 99.9 percent analysis and the rest action.  I like the analysis in these novels but I also like to see Jack put it to the bad guys.

We had dinner in the Panorama Buffet.

Before the show, we listened to pre-show dance music with Chico and Dawn in the theater.  They put on a pretty good show – mellow and easy to listen to.

Showtime tonight is another Production Show – “Cinematastic” (movie songs – Time of My Life – Heart will go On, Footloose, Fame, and others).  It was a good show with some nice songs and dances.

20140710_Cinematastic (Small) 

“Cinematastic” (Justin and Samantha Duval)

After the show, we listened to Tommy McPhee in the Casino Lounge.

Seas are smooth…

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