Thursday, July 31, 2014

Saturday, July 19, 2014 – At Sea (North Sea) – Cloudy, Hazy – 61F

A nice final day at sea…

 20140719_ships position (Small)

Had a nice omelet for breakfast in the Panorama Buffet.  I really do like the fact that both the omelet and fried egg stations are not crowded and I can always find a clean pan for my meatless omelets.

I spent a few minutes going over my talk and also got there early today to spend a little time with the passengers.  As it turned out, the culinary demonstration was still going on when I arrived.  The crew did a great job of clearing all of the tables and chairs so I could get set up.

My final talk was at 11:15 AM - “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”.  I was pleased with another full house (300 plus) and a nice final round of applause.  I chatted with quite a few passengers who relayed very positive feedback.  A very successful series.

20140719_talk 5 (Small)20140719_talk 5a (Small)

Final Talk – “Search for the Unknown Titanic Child”

We received our luggage tags the other night and we are the last group to leave the ship – Princess Transfers to Heathrow – at 9:30 AM.

Ellen did most of the packing during the day – I still don’t know how all of that stuff gets into the carry-ons.

Spent the day in the Tahitian Lounge reading.  I finished the latest Beverly Connor book, “Dead Guilty”.  I haven’t found any of her books as interesting as the first one I read – this one took almost 90 percent of the book to get to the key points and then it turned out that the killer was what I call “the extra person”.  There were no red herrings and very little evidence to help the reader find their way.  I have more of her books and I am still looking for another gem.

We ran into CD Peter and DCD Jason and some of the dancers up in the Panorama Buffet at dinner.  I thanked him for his support (wrote him a note, too) and he said that he was pleased with the way the series went.  Even Felicity, one of the dancers, added that it had gone well.  I guess they watch them on TV.  I would certainly like to work with Peter in the future.  There were no glitches whatsoever on this cruise.

We did catch a set with Chico and Dawn in the Casino Lounge before heading back to the room.  This ship recommends that you place most of your bags out in the hall before you go to dinner.  We put our two bags out around 10:30 PM.

We received our Princess Transfer Vouchers and we are all set to go tomorrow.

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