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Sunday, July 6, 2014 – Dover, United Kingdom -Cloudy/Drizzly – 64F

The weather has finally become typical English with clouds and drizzle…

We awoke to find that the Ocean Princess had arrived at the Cruise Port at the far side of the harbor.

20140706_Ocean Princess docked Dover Cruiseport (Small)

Ocean Princess Docked

Ocean Princess Facts

Gross Tonnage:  30,277                                                     Length:  592 Feet                                                                   Beam: 84 Feet 

We also saw a lot of swimmers out in the harbor even though the weather was a bit dodgy. Yesterday, we met a pair of women sitting on the tailgate of their car in the hotel parking who asked us to take their picture.  They told us they had just finished their swim in the harbor and that they do it often.

20140706_Swimmers Dover harbor (Small)

We had another shot at the English Breakfast – I asked for the eggs to be a little less cooked but they came out the same as yesterday.  Didn’t eat much again this morning.

Our cab was right on time and a few minutes later and 7 pounds faire, we were at the Cruise Terminal.  We got our luggage tags and checked in rather quickly.  The ship is boarded in groups starting with Gold Cards 1-5; Our Red 1 group followed the last of the Gold groups.  We went first to our cabin – 4035 – and were delighted to find out that it did not have bunk beds.  In fact, it was a handicap room – with lots of floor space and a bathroom the size of a regular cabin. 

20140707_cabin 4035 (Small)

Cabin 4035

20140706_Dover Castle and Premier Inn (Small)

Dover Castle from the Ship

I found a note from the Cruise Director – Peter Roberts and Deputy Cruise Director – Jason Parsons.  Included was a grid outlining all of the entertainment.  I ran into the Cruise Director later in the afternoon and he indicated that I would be giving all of five of my talks.  

The Port Lecturer is Deb Fraioli.

Dover Sail Away

We attended the Life Boat Drill at 4:30 PM in the Cabaret Theater and then spent the sail away on Deck 5.  The views were great and the temperature and wind cooperated. 

20140706_White Cliffs sail away (Small) 

The White Cliffs of Dover   

20140706_messy hair sailaway (Small) 

Ellen on deck on a Dover Hair Day

 20140706_Dover lighthouse sailaway (Small)

Passing through the Inlet (one of two lighthouses)

Although we did not have a pilot on board, we were escorted out of the harbor by a pilot boat.  I caught some shots of the boat tossing in the Ocean Princess’ wake.

20140706_pilot tossed by wake (Small)  20140706_ET Dover Sailaway (Small) 20140706_HMT sailaway Dover (Small)

On Deck in Appropriate Gear

About two hours after sailing, I checked the monitors to determine the location of the Ocean Princess and the heading she was on.  Looks like we will be proceeding up the Eastern Coast of England.

20140706_ships position 0648 PM-1 (Small)

As is generally the case, we do not have any assigned seats in the Club Restaurant – after speaking to the Maitre D, we were told that we might be able to get a seat assignment in the next day of so.  So, for tonight, we ate in the Panorama Buffet.  The entrees were similar to those on the restaurant menu – Mushroom Soup, Vegetarian Spring Rolls, scalloped potatoes, and salads.  The soup and rolls were very good and the pizza (very thin crust) is also very good.  The buffet was not crowded and the music was muted.  It made for a very relaxing meal.

The “Welcome Aboard Show” was at 8 PM in the Cabaret Lounge.  There were some numbers by the Production Singers and Dancers and a comedy-vocal set by David Copperfield (neither of the other two famous DCs).  He combined music, ventriloquism (with the audience), and some guitar numbers into a pretty entertaining act.

20140706_lead singer welcome show (Small)

Lead Singer, Samantha Duval – Welcome Aboard

After the show, we listened to some music in the lounge and I finished “White Fire” and started a new Jack Reacher Novel “Without Fail”.

Seas are smooth…

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