Thursday, December 6, 2012

Tuesday, November 20, 2012 – Costa Maya, Mexico – Mostly Sunny – 85F

A beautiful and not windy day at Costa Maya…

This port tends to be very windy making it difficult for ships to dock.  The last time we were here, the ship had to divert and our port day became an extra sea day.  Today, the weather is calm.

Ari and I watched the approach to Costa Maya from the open deck.  We are the only ship here today – the last time we docked here, there were four ships here.  The vendors and shops will be disappointed.

 100_2030 (Small) Costa maya (Small)

Approaching Costa Maya

Becca and her family are going to go to a nearby beach resort recommended by our waiter in the Blue Lagoon.  The rest of us are going to walk the long pier to the port. 

NCL Star Costa maya 1 (Small)

The NCL Star docked in Costa Maya

Costa Maya has expanded quite a bit since our last time here.  At that time, there was only a pool bar – maybe a Senor Frog.  Now there are several pool bars and many more shops.  Our goal was to find some wifi so see if anything was going on back home (even though we had everyone with us on this trip).  I went store to store scanning for wifi until I found an unsecured hotspot at a clothing  store called Zingara.  The signal was accessible only within about 20 feet of the shop so I hung out in the shade right next to the store.  Nobody seemed to mind.

We caught up with Dova and the crew in the shop area.  It was hot and we were looking for shade constantly.  I also went looking for the new Mayan Pyramid on site.  Apparently, the port was shut down for over a year for renovation and the Pyramid (a very much scaled down) “duplicate” is now a drawing card for the new Museum of Jade (actually a store).  The Maya would not approve.

Both Amelia and Macie opted for some hair braids and they looked very cute with their new “dos”.

20121120 Amelia Braids (Small)

Amelia with braids (not all hers)

I was also able to get a great picture of Macie in the mouth of a crocodile sculpture.  I got her out of there quickly after the shot since I didn’t know how sturdy the creature was.

Costa Maya Macie Alligator (Small)

The locals put on a “Mayan Show” for the tourists and it was all very interesting up until the climax, which, of course, dealt with the major activity associated with the Maya – the sacrifice.  It was very well done but the large knives gave away the punch line.  We left just about that time.

Mayan Show Costa Maya (Small) Mayan Show Costa Maya 1 (Small)

Local Mayan Show

The heat did get to us and we headed back to the ship.  There was a trolley but we opted to walk.  It is a long pier.

NCL Star Costa Maya (Small)

NCL Star from Pier

Costa Maya 1 (Small) 

Costa Maya from Pier

Dinner was in the Aqua Restaurant – I had the spaghetti Marinara.

Pedometer: 6516 steps; 3.09 miles; 319 calories

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