Saturday, December 15, 2012

Saturday, November 24, 2012 – At Sea – Gulf of Mexico – Cloudy – 77F

A very nice day at sea…

20121124 At Sea (Small)

Our last day of the cruise was spent finding quiet places and relaxing.

One place that almost fit the bill is the area adjacent to the Blue Lagoon.  Until the place is turned into a specialty restaurant at dinner, it is a game area with a nice view of the ocean.  There are also cookies available and iced tea at the Blue Lagoon. 

Noah and a passenger squared off for a game of chess.

20121124 Noah Playing Chess (Small) 

Leo and I threw our money around playing Monopoly.

IMG_20121124_Monopoly w Leo (Small)

In the mid afternoon, we attended the Kid’s Circus in the theater.  Amelia and Macie were in the show.  It looked like they were really having fun.  Although difficult to see, Macie is in the front row center in the picture below.

 20121124 Kids Circus (Small)

Kid’s Circus in the Stardust Theater

Our last dinner on board was once again at the Aqua Dining Room. 

 20121124 Bubbe and Eliana (Small)

Ellen and Eliana are table mates

The show tonight was “Elements” and, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t understand what was going on.  The costumes were great but the music obscure.  Interesting is how I would describe the show.

20121124 Elements Showtime (Small) 20121124 Elements (Small)

Showtime - “Elements”

After the show, we spent some time with Amelia and Leo in the Atrium listening to the trio.

IMG_20121124_Amelia taking in the Trio (Small)

Amelia checking out the music

IMG_20121124_Bubbe w Amelia (Small)

IMG_20121124_Bubbe w Leo (Small)

Ellen and Amelia and Leo

IMG_20121124_Z w L and A (Small)

Nice picture, No?

We are planning to walk off tomorrow and we don’t have much to pack.  It should be easy.

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