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Friday, November 23, 2012 – Cozumel, Mexico – Sunny – 77F

A very pretty day in Cozumel, home to one of the biggest Mexican flags in the country…

Ellen and Cozumel (Small) 

Ellen on deck – Cozumel in background

Not much planned today.  Dova and Danny and their crew are taking a tour of the island by cab.  Ellen is checking out the town with Gary, Becca, and the kids and I am am going to take a long walk to the other pier (the one we usually dock at).  My destination is one of my favorite spas on the island.  At the other pier, the Spa is just minutes away but I have no idea how far it is from the city pier.  It is a fine day to walk and get some exercise.

As we were leaving the pier, another NCL ship was pulling along side the Star – it was our old friend, the NCL Pearl. 

NCL Pearl approaching (Small)

NCL Pearl docking alongside the NCL Star

The walk turned out to be further than I thought.  I was also trying to find some free WiFi to check on some business in progress so at every hotel along the way, I would check for a hotspot.  I eventually found one at a small hotel about halfway to the other pier. 

From the hotel, I could see the ships anchored and docked near the other pier.

other ships at cozumel (Small)

Other ships docked at the non-city pier

There was also a major bike race happening in Cozumel that week so bikes were everywhere and the streets were sectioned off for the race (perhaps it had already taken place).

As I walked along, I was able to get a picture of the NCL Dawn, which bad been shadowing our itinerary.

NCL Dawn anchored in Cozumel (Small) 

NCL Dawn anchored

At about the 6000 step mark I was getting a bit concerned since I had to walk back.  I thought about turning around but decided to go a few more blocks.  As the Spa came into view, I was able to read the sign on the window - “Space for Lease”.  It had closed.  I thought for a moment about walking to the other Spa a few blocks down but perhaps it was also out of business.  I turned around a headed home.

As I got close to the city, I thought it would be interesting to take a side street parallel to the main street.  I was disappointed to find out that there was little to see off the main drag.  Eventually, I reached the end of that street and a group of little shops.  One of them was a beauty salon that also offered some spa treatments.  I spoke to the folks in the place and they seemed nice enough so I tried the massage ($40 for an hour).  The place was clean and quiet, the therapist very nice, professional, and strong, and the massage terrific and relaxing.  Perhaps a new favorite Spa for the next time I get back to Cozumel.

Back on the main street, I headed for the Mall hoping to run into someone from the group.  I did find some WiFi near Starbucks and was also treated to the “Floating Girl”.  The magic was not so much in her apparent levitation but the fact that she could sit so long without moving.

Floating Lady Cozumel (Small)

The Floating Girl of Cozumel

I did meet up with everyone back on the ship.  From the open deck, I was able to get a nice picture of the ships in the distance. I couldn’t believe I had walked that far but my aching feet were evidence.

Mexican Patrol Boat and Cozumel Harbor (Small) 

Mexican Patrol Boat and ships in the distance

Showtime tonight featured a full show of “Shark Bait”.  Again, the music was too noisy but the duo had their moments.  One thing I like about them is that they mess us much of their tricks (maybe on purpose).

Check out the pedometer stats below…something, huh?

Pedometer: 12,928 Steps; 6.13 miles; 633 Calories

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