Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012 – At Sea – Arctic Ocean – Cloudy – high 40s

A really cold day at Sea…

At Sea 6-17 (Small)

Arctic Ocean

A good day for watching the sea go by while sitting in the Solarium – which is what we did for most of the day.  I made good progress on my e-books (I’ve read a number of books on the cruises; am now reading “Wheel of Death” – another Pendergast Novel.  This one takes places on an Ocean Liner).

My second presentation - “Cold Cases Solved” – is scheduled for 11:30 AM in the Celebrity Theater.  The attendance was about 200 (possibly more).  The talk went well.

While in the Solarium, Ellen said that the Spa folks were giving demos – I rushed over and got a nice 10 minutes neck and upper back massage.  Very relaxing. 

Showtime tonight featured Davie Howes.  The best way to describe him:  a multi instrument, crazy guy.  He attached a trumpet mouthpiece to just about any object (e.g. a walker) and played it like a bugle.  He was very zany.  The show was fun.

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