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Friday, June 22, 2012 – Molde, Norway – Party Cloudy – mid 70s

Honningsvag, Norway to Molde, Norway: 683 Nautical Miles

A gorgeous day in Molde, Norway.

Molde is located along the Romsdalsfjord – several islands in the fjord can be seen from the city.  The current population of Molde is approximately 22,000.

We are the only ship here today (not sure if the port can handle more than a single cruise ship at a time).

We are not on tour today and it is a beautiful day so we set out to explore this city. The city is quite modern with upscale shops and boutiques. Again, things are very expensive (I thought that the larger cities might see more competition which would force down prices – not so).  The city is known as “The City of Roses” – as the weather gets a bit warmer, the city will start to show off its flowers.  The park in the picture below already has a nice flower garden.

Flower Garden in Molde (Small)

Another place with a well known garden is the City Hall with its rooftop Rose Garden.  Ellen found her way to the roof to check out the flowers and I stayed behind to capture the moment.

E on Roof Rose Garden (Small)

Ellen on Roof of City Hall

Ellen also shot a picture of the square below – Can you find me in the picture?

Me from Rooftop Garden (Small)

Hi…Up there

We took a turn toward the Fjord.  From there we got some terrific shots of the Constellation and Molde.

Molde and Constellation (Small) Constellation docked Molde (Small)

Celebrity Constellation and Molde, Norway

Molde Me and Constellation (Small)

Molde Constellation and Us (Small)

Yes, we were there

This location was also a good place for views of the fjords, nearby mountain range, islands, and the ferry boats.

Romsdalsfjord from Molde (Small) 

View across the Fjord (Small) 

Ellen and the Fjord (Small)

Ferry Boat on Fjord (Small)

Strolling among the shops on the main street, we came across a bench occupied by, I believe, Queen Sonja of Norway.  The Queen didn’t mind sharing the bench with my princess.

 The Queen and My Queen (Small) 

The Queen and the Princess

We also found a neat statue of a girl holding roses – no doubt a symbol of the city.

Lady offering Up Roses (Small)

After walking the whole length of Molde, we headed to the pier and the Constellation.  It was so warm that we could actually use the chairs on the open deck for the first time on the cruise.

  Warm enough to be on Deck (Small)  

Ellen on the Open Deck

When it got a little cooler, Ellen found a unique, quiet place to hang out.

    Window Seat (Small)

After dinner, we went to the Theater to catch California Soul Man Bruce Parker.  Not sure what California has to do with it, but he put on a very nice show – singing classics and new songs.  He never stopped moving the whole time – he probably lost 5 pounds during the performance.

Now that we are below the Arctic Circle, we saw our first sunset in days and it was a beautiful one.

2012-06-22 Molde Sunset (Small)

First Sunset in a Week

Pedometer: 5437 steps; 2.57 miles; 266 Calories

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