Monday, October 24, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011 – At Sea – Mediterranean Sea – Sunny – 80F

A mild day at Sea…

Pretty much the same routine today.

My second talk today  - “Mysteries of the Mediterranean” pulled in about 100 people today (the word might have gotten around”.  The new section on Columbus seemed to work pretty well (I am going to make some improvements).  One of the attendees said the talk posed a lot of questions but did not provide many answers – I told him that was the problem with the Columbus story – not enough solid information.

The highlight of the day at Sea is the transit of the Dardanelle Straits – the narrow strip of water that leads into the Sea of Marmara.  The Straits and the Gallipoli Peninsula were the location of a devastating WWI loss for British, French, Australian, and New Zealand forces by the Turks.  The site is now a memorial to the fallen soldiers. 

 Dardanelle WW1 Monument (Small)

The WWI monument at Gallipoli

The weather was terrific for the transit and the deck was loaded with passengers eager to get a good shot of the memorial.  I did manage to get myself in a photo sans passengers.

H and the Dardanelles (Small) Dardanelles 3 (Small)

The Dardanelle Straits looking ahead

Sunset 9-14 (Small)

The transit also offered up a beautiful sunset complete with the ships wake trailing (above).

Darren 9-14 (Small)

Darren in the Schooner Bar provided most of the entertainment for the day.  Again, he did not disappoint – I believe he even sang “Hallelujah” – a cruise would not be complete with that song.

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  1. Spent three days in area and two full days visiting the park and memorials were not enough. Should have had a third. Used dardanel troy Cannakale as a base and left car at Kilitbahir. Our visit was focussed on the British landings in the Cape Hellas area and Morto Bay as well as Gully Ravine. There was more than enough to see with British, French and Turkish sites. It is a must to read up on the Gallipoli campaign before you go. Pretty spectacular and difficult terrain was dwarfed by a second visiting Suvla and Anzac areas Spectacularly beautiful and daunting/terrible for those who fought there. September is a quiet time for a visit with good weather although very dry. Well worth the visit Thank you all so much.