Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Partly Cloudy – 75F

Another cloudy start…

Sea Day 5-10 (Small) 

A daily dose of jet lag…had a little trouble sleeping and then getting up due to the time change but I’m in the Windjammer at 7:15 AM.  Not as many early risers as usual. 

The talk today, “Cold Cases Solved”, was advertised in the Cruise Compass passed out last night – I wonder if that will bring additional people to the talk.  When I arrived at 9:30, the main seating area was already packed.  Wayne (AV) also took the projector from its perch in the ceiling and placed in on a table on the main floor.  This completely improved the quality and alignment of the image.  Crisp and clean.

At 10:00 PM, the place was packed – people were on the floor (below) and standing.  It was difficult to get a count but it was well over 200 people.  I promised I would check with the Activities Department about changing the venue.

 People on Floor for Lecture (Small)

The talk went well and finished on time even though I included the OJ Moment in the presentation.  After the talk, while they set up for Bingo, I get a chance to talk to folks attending the talk (below).

Chatting with attendees (Small) 

The afternoon was spent in the Solarium, which was packed due to the windy cool conditions on the open deck.  I am still re-reading “Portrait of a Killer”.

Before dinner, we listened to the “Celebration 4” (easy listening band from Hungary) in the Centrum.  The Centrum is a pretty impressive structure (below), resembling a hotel.

Centrum 1 (Small) 

On our way to dinner in the Windjammer Cafe, I got a great shop of a beautiful sunset.

Sunset 5-10 (Small)

The headliner for tonight’s show is Mike Riley, a comedian-singer-guitarist from Milwaukee, WI.  He was a very funny guy and put on a great show.

After the show, we listed to a few songs from Lyn MacKay and then onto the Centrum to hear two of the Celebrity Singers, Amanda and James, put on a concert. 

 Celebrity Singers 1 (Small)

Celebrity Singers 2 (Small)

They were really good but since we are turning our clocks ahead again tonight, we called it a night.

The seas are smooth…

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