Thursday, May 5, 2011

Transatlantic / Baltic Cruise – Jewel of the Seas – May 5 – May 30, 2011

Travel Day

We are all set to embark on a month long journey – crossing the Atlantic and then on to the Baltic for a 12 day cruise.

We are on AA1730 to Ft. Lauderdale with a 2:35 PM departure.  Our cab is prompt, the weather is cooperative, and our plane is at the gate when we get through security.  It seemed that the security checks were a bit more thorough as a result of the recent developments internationally this week.  Belts off, wallets checked, and everyone had the opportunity to get body scanned. 

 737-800 ready to go (Small)

Our 737-800 ready to go

It’s dreary (as it has been the last month or so) in Chicago so it takes the plane a while to get above the clouds.  The flight is smooth and soon we are about an hour from Fort Lauderdale (both pictures below)

one hour from FLL (Small)

One hour from FLL1 crop (Small)

The flight is about 10 minutes early and the wait for the hotel van is about 15 minutes.  As we made our way to the van stop, we noticed a line stretching from the entrance to security, out the terminal door, and onto the sidewalk outside.  We were told that the wait for security was at least 40 minutes.  I am glad we are not flying home from here.

We are staying at the La Quinta-Ft. Lauderdale Airport in a nice room at a good price.  We signed up for the shuttle to the cruise port tomorrow.  I am already looking forward to the waffles.

All we need now is a good night’s sleep.  So far the hotel is very quiet.

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