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Saturday, August 4, 2018 – Copenhagen, Denmark – Mostly Sunny – 80sF

Denmark is located in Northern Europe – between the North and Baltic Seas. The country consists of a main peninsula, Jutland, and 406 islands. Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and the largest city in Scandinavia (population just over 600,000), is located on the island of Sjaelland (Sea Land). Copenhagen sits on two islands, Sjaelland and Christianshaven, connected by a bridge. The harbor is dotted with wind turbines.

A beautiful sunny day in Copenhagen.

IMG_20180804_Copenhagen harbor panorama

Panoramic Shot of the Harbor

The Eclipse is docked at Langelinie Pier along with another big cruiser. Three other ships are docked across the harbor.

IMG_20180804_the other cruise port CopenhagenIMG_20180804_island in the harborCopenhagen harbor

The Harbor

The downtown area is called Stroget and can only be reached reasonably by taxi. Today is a walking day.

After another good breakfast (scrambled omelet with cheese, tomato, and onion; waffle with cottage cheese and sour cream), we decided to explore the area around the ship. The pier is adjacent to a linear array of shops and restaurants and beyond that are some parks. The iconic “Little Mermaid” is located along the harbor walkway and that was our ultimate destination.

We browsed the shops to see what the touristic products were – mostly expensive caps and shirts. Some upscale shops offered nice outfits and fitting rooms.

We walked along the harbor road and found several interesting statues

IMG_20180804_et and rock sculptureIMG_20180804_statue near the port

but the “Little Mermaid” was still further down. Although it was not in the 90s (as forecasted), it was still plenty warm and we still had to walk back. The area around the pier was saturated with new condos – we didn’t see any shops or stores in the few street radiating out from the harbor.

We walked back toward the Marina to get a picture of the many boats.

IMG_20180804_boat marina

We came across a family of swans on the marina pier – the female swan was huge (like a decent sized dog).


Mama Swan and Her Brood

She would hiss whenever anyone of thing approached her swanlings.

When we got near the pier, I was able to get a picture of the bear statue on the end.  A very interesting bit of art.  I had to get a closeup with the creature.

IMG_20180804_Copenhagen pier w bearIMG_20180804_me and the bear

We walked back and had lunch in the Aqua Spa Café after picking up some food in the Oceanview Café. I had Cesar Salad and cherry tomatoes along with some egg and potato salad. The specialty salads continue to be a highlight when they don’t have meat added to them. The Spa Café tuna also is consistently good.

Reading took up the afternoon.

We asked for and got a nice window seat for two in the Dining Room (#401). We were able to watch some of the sail away during dinner. I had the Tilapia Putanesca, which was very good along with the Tuscan Minestrone. I tried the NY Cheesecake – a couple of bites. You can get some pretty good seats if you get to the Celebrity Select Dining desk at 5:30 PM.

We got to the Theater about five minutes before show time and still got our seats.

The headliner tonight is Rob Lewis, a Brit, who won a content in the UK for the best Phil Collins tribute. I only know about three Phil Collins’ songs and I really wanted to hear the one from “White Nights”, “Separate Lives”. The problem was that the show was very loud, especially the drums, which had no plexiglass shield to muffle the sound. We were able to hang in there for about three songs before retreating to the outside deck.

We stayed on the back deck for the sail away.

IMG_20180804_Copenhagen sail awayIMG_20180804_North Sea 

Copenhagen Sail Away

The clouds and the ocean were a strange color – a pinkish to red hue.  Check out the color below.

IMG_20180804_amazing clouds 1IMG_20180804_amazing clouds

Unusual Clouds and Sea

This seemed like a good opportunity to take another iconic picture or two.

IMG_20180804_iconic 1IMG_20180804_iconic

A nice day in Copenhagen.

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