Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Wednesday, October 29, 2014 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Sunny – 70s

A bit of rock and roll night…(even though the sea looks calm below)

The Sea Dream II has no stabilizers so there is considerable side to side roll.  We are on Deck 2 so we get a lot of wave slap.  Earplugs took care of the noise component but not the movement and occasional shake. 

20141029_At Sea (Small) 20141029_boa jorna (Small)

A Deceptive Sea

The Sea Dream II runs on a very regular schedule -

Breakfast is served from 8:00 AM; Lunch is served starting at 12:30 PM; Dinner is served at 7:30 PM

The only way to get food at other times is from the limited room service menu.

This morning, we decided to order from Room Service – boiled eggs for Ellen and I was able to get a waffle and cottage cheese.  The food was very good especially the waffle, which was a real Belgian waffle.  The preserves come in these cute individual serving bottles and are excellent. 

At 11:00 AM, I went up to the Golf Simulator for the “Long Drive Contest”  - it was just Josh and me at the start but a few minutes into it, two passengers showed up.  I won the Driver contest with a drive of 228 yards and the 7 Iron segment with a shot of about 150 yards – Josh actually hit his 7 iron further but he wasn’t eligible.  My Prize – knowing that I won.  FYI – hitting golf balls on a rocking ship is not easy.

My first lecture is at 3 PM in the Grand Salon.  Considering the total passenger count on the ship, my expectations are pretty low as to the attendees.  I am counting on the people we met during embarkation to show up so it won’t just be me and Ellen.

20141029_Talk 1 (Small) 20141029_me and Josh Kesecker (Small)

Talk 1 – Me and Josh

The “CSI Phenomenon” pulls 15 attendees, a pretty good turnout – about a third of the passengers.  The AV system is very good and you can interact with the audience.  The talk went OK but the audience was very quiet with only a couple of people coming up to me afterwards to ask questions.  The passengers are very laid back.

We had dinner with the same group from the night before – again the food was good and the dinner ran past 10 PM. 

We inquired about getting early seating but that won’t be possible on this ship.

Still rocking and rolling in Cabin 2013…

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