Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Sunday, November 9, 2014 – San Juan, Puerto Rico – Sunny, Warm - 87F

The Sea Dream II has challenged the Atlantic Ocean and triumphed – we have duplicated the voyage of Cristobal Colon (he made it, too).

Breakfast is earlier today – 7:00 AM – but it is still the same breakfast menu so I had my final wonderful combination of blueberry pancakes, cottage cheese, preserves, and two fried eggs.  Yummy right up to the end.

We need to disembark the yacht by 10:00 AM and it took the local authorities that amount of time to clear the Sea Dream II.  The ship offered transfers to the airport but we opted for a local cab.  Leaving the ship was quick – only 49 passengers (they are all getting off because the SDII is being chartered for the next voyage) and finding a taxi was also easy (only ship at this terminal). 

The ride to Luis Munoz Marin International Airport in nearby Carolina took about 20 minutes and the fare ran $40 – we tried to pay by credit card but he wanted cash so we gave him $30 US plus 10 Euros (I hope he know what to do with them).  That left us with $0 but we figured we didn’t need any money for the trip home.

We arrived at the airport at about 10:30 AM for our 4:10 PM flight to Chicago so we had the whole day to spend at the airport.  We found a quiet place to sit (although it was a bit dark and cool) near our gate.  Lunch consisted of cheese sandwiches, plantain chips, and extremely expensive diet coke and water. 

Our plane arrived from its previous destination on time


AA395 Waiting to go to Chicago

so we boarded on time.  The plane pushed on schedule and wasted no time hitting the active runway…



San Juan, PR Climb Out

The flight was relatively smooth and about 4 hours later we were on final approach to a dark and cold Chicago.

20141109_ORD final approach_resized

Final Approach ORD

Our luggage, which was, we were told, checked way too early, still managed to get on the right plane.

Our cab arrived in a reasonable time (he did drive like a maniac) and soon our trip was over.

Overall, it was a very enjoyable stay in Lisbon and voyage on the Sea Dream II.  I am forever spoiled by the fantastic breakfasts on board the Yacht.

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