Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sunday, July 18, 2010 – Bayonne, NJ

Our unique two week combo cruise has come to an end – we are back in Bayonne.

Back to Bayonne (Small) (2)

Manhattan in the distance

Summit waiting for its next cruise (Small) (2)

Celebrity Summit ready to go again

Disembark was quick and soon we were on on our bus to the Newark Airport.  It wasn’t long that we found out that there would be a weather delay (storms on route and in Chicago).  After an hour, we boarded the plane but were told that we were in a gate hold due to weather.  We finally did take off about 40 minutes later.

Regional Jet bound for Chicago (Small)

ERJ ready to take us home

Climbout Bayonne (Small)

Climbout Newark International

Newark Oil Storage Climbout (Small)

Newark Oil Storage tanks

T Storms on the way home (Small)

Thunderstorms in the distance

Final Approach over Evanston 

Final approach over Evanston 

Deplaning on Tarmac ORD (Small)

Deplaning the old fashion way

Home again…

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