Sunday, August 15, 2010

Saturday, July 17, 2010 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean - 80s

Because we left Friday afternoon, we will need only one sea day to return to Bayonne.

Rough Seas 7-17 (Small) (2)

For the first time, the seas were a bit rough.  Today is my last talk “Cold Cases Solved” and I am revising the talk to include the cracking of the decades old “Grim Sleeper” case.  I need a special graphic for my talk – a pizza crust (the evidence used to nail the Sleeper) so I am going to stage a pizza lunch photo.  We wait for the pizza place to open (12:00 Noon), grab some pizza and set up the shoot.  It worked out perfectly.

A good final crowd (200 plus) for my final talk including Ryan Ahern (pianist) and his wife (from Argentina), who are big fans of the show (and who might have attended earlier but I did not notice).

Tonight is the farewell show in the Celebrity Theater – James Stephens III and Ryan Ahern perform and are great. The ship also had great dancers and singers.

 Celebrity Summit Dancers and Singers (Small) (2) (Small)

Celebrity Dancers and Singers

We listed to some piano in Michael’s Club.

Our bags are packed and we are ready to go home.

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