Saturday, November 28, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009 – Barcelona, Spain – Sunny - 60s

We left our shade open so we got a little bit of light entering our room (we are on the inside of the building facing another tall building so the amount of light is pretty small) – just enough to keep up from sleeping until Noon.  Our neighbors helped out by providing a wake up call as well.

Today’s exploration plan involves walking to the Sagrada Familia, a spectacular Temple started by another architect but “finished” by Gaudi.  From the hotel, we head north on Passeig Gracia

Passeig Gracia looking North

On the way, as a warm up , we passed the other Gaudi structures.  First, the Casa Batllo

Casa Amatller and Casa Batllo 

Casa Batllo and Casa Amatller

The street on which these buildings sit is called the “Block of Disagreement” due to the presence of such varied examples of architectural design. 

A few blocks up and on the other side of the street sits La Pedrera.  This time, we take advantage of the free look at the foyer and museum of this building

Inside La Pedrera

In La Pedrera – the staircase leading to the museum

The atrium of the building is also unique

La Pedrera Atrium

From La Pedrera, we took the Ave Diagonal and another interesting structure, the Casa De Les Punxes

Casa de Punxes - House of Spikes 

or the “House of Spikes” – look closely and you will see how the house got its name.

An unusual installation up the street – a “submarine” was worth taking a picture of

Submarine Statue

Maybe it’s a torpedo – there was no plaque explaining the work of art.

A few blocks away and through the trees, Gaudi’s masterwork became visible, the Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia

This building is designed to contain 18 towers (it now has 8).  It is also intended to incorporate a large number of religious symbols (12 apostles, 4 evangelists, the Virgin Mary, and Jesus Christ and have three facades.  Some of these elements can be seen on the exterior walls of the temple

Sagrada Familia edifice 2

The cornerstone on the site

Sagrada Familia cornerstone

Sagrada Familia Cornerstone

carries a date of 1882. 

The structure is now scheduled to be completed in the year 2040.  Who knows?

One interesting thing I noticed when looking at the Sagrada Familia.  Near the site are trees with little grape-like fruits on them.  These fruits look just like the grape-like structures Gaudi placed on the towers


Grapes on the tree and the towers

We decided to do one more tour of the Gothic Quarter before leaving the city.  The first time through, we did not see Placa Sant Jaume

Placa de Sant Jaume 1

Generalitat Autonomous Headquarters (16th century)

Placa de Sant Jaume

Barcelona Town Hall (19th century)

This square is the site of political demonstrations and sporting event celebrations.

A nice final place to visit in a wonderful city.

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  1. I think the 2040 family reunion should be in Barcelona!