Thursday, May 18, 2023

May 2, 2023 – At Sea - Party Cloudy - 60sF

The weather conditions continue to improve.  I am up early again for another great breakfast (Note: The sour cream team continues to function flawlessly) and an absolutely gorgeous sunrise.  There were a lot of people getting pictures of this sunrise and I went up on Deck 15 to get a better view.

My final talk – “Forensics and History: Identifying the Famous and Infamous” took place at 11:00 AM in The Club, following Captain Dimitris’ talk on Ship Navigation at 10:00 AM.  We went to the captain’s talk, and he ended at 10:45 AM.  At the Club, people started pouring in to get seat as no one had set up seats on the dance floor.  A bunch of crew started setting up the seats and when I got rolling, all the available seats were filled. I stayed after the talk to talk to some guests (there was nothing scheduled in The Club after the talk). It was a good turnout and a nice ending to a successful series on this ship.

After the talk, we had lunch up in the Oceanview Cafe.  The big surprise at lunch was Fish and Chips - really fresh and really good.  We were also treated to the "March of the Kitchen Staff" (the first time we have seen this in the buffet).

A 2 PM, I attended Session 3 of the Sketch Class with resident artist, Paris Zepada, up in Eden.  The sketch class was fun and even though I draw using a different method than he does, I was picking up some pointers.  And Paris is amusing as he goes through his shtick – sometimes a little dance, a little shout.

We spent a lot of the afternoon in the Oceanview Cafe.  We spotted land on both sides of the ship - we were passing through the Strait of Gibraltar.  Spain was on our Port Side and Africa on the Starboard Side.  Since we were on the Starboard side, most of the pictures were of Africa (we could see Arabic writing on some of the structures).  

I did run over to the other side of the ship to get a picture of the Rock of Gibraltar. Not quite the Prudential Logo version because the Rock looks different from every angle.

Tonight’s entertainment is the Production Show – “Stage Door”.  

It’s about Broadway and the West End and we have never seen it before.  "Stage Door" was a technological marvel. The singers and dancers performed to a track and video recording of the London Philharmonic Orchestra - perfectly synchronized to the musical numbers.

The entire orchestral performance was created specifically for Celebrity.

There were numbers from "Dear Evan Hansen",

"Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend",

"Get On Your Feet" from the Gloria Estefan Musical,


"Seasons of Love", a cruise ship favorite,

numbers from "Beautiful, the Carol King Musical", "I Feel the Earth Move" and "You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Woman",

In one scene, one of the ship's singers did a duet with the Broadway star of Dreamgirls.

There was some added excitement during the show.  The smoke machine malfunctioned and smoked out the cast during their number.  The show was stopped for about 10 minutes while the smoke cleared.  A first for us.

After the show, we captured a beautiful sunset from Eden.

Time Change No. 7

Tomorrow, we finally make landfall in Cartagena, Spain.  I'll bet guests can't wait.

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