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Thursday, July 26, 2018 – At Sea – Clear – 70s

Smooth seas and a quiet night.  The usual Solstice-Class ship noises were handled by earplugs and our neighbors, while returning to their cabin late in the evening, tended to retire at a reasonable time.  There were also no early risers so that helped.

It’s a beautiful day at sea – a bit breezy on the open decks – with hardly a cloud in the sky.

IMG_20180726_at sea(2)IMG_20180726_at sea

We both ordered room service (6:30 AM delivery) due to the early start of Talk 1. The food came right on time and was good.  I usually get pancakes and eggs (the menu has several varieties of pancakes).

Giuseppe is pretty liberal with the speaker dress code but I decided I would go with dress shirt and tie and no jacket. Comfortable but professional.

When I got to Celebrity Central at 8:30 AM, there were four people in the venue. I expected a pretty good turnout because the talk was prominently mentioned in the Program.  Because passengers are not sure where Celebrity Central is, I stood outside and directed guests to the venue.  I guess guests on this ship are late arrivers, because when the program started the room was about 70 percent full (NOTE: Celebrity Central capacity 208; Eclipse Theater 1113).

“Forensics and History: The Mystery of the Romanovs” seemed to engage the audience – a good round of applause and some very nice comments followed the talk. The presentation ran about 50 minutes.

All three BTP Speakers were on today – I was just too tired to go see them – I do plan to.  I was reminded again that the theater is booked every day so all presentations will be in Celebrity Central.

Lunch consisted of a veggie burger and fries from the Mast Grill (Deck 14 Midships) and salad from Spa Café. The burger was OK but I think it was better on the last cruise on the Eclipse.  If you can get a seat at the Spa Café, this is the best place to eat  - quiet with a view of the water and no screaming muzak lady in the background.  The Spa Café also has some interesting items on its buffet – my favorite is the tuna salad – almost like a pate.  And of course, the breadsticks are addictive.

Having an early talk has its perks – you have the rest of the day off to hang out in the Solarium reading books or whatever you choose to do.  Ellen worked on her needlepoint in one of the private seats in the Solarium.

IMG_20180726_needlepointing Solarium

We had the best table in the house (#416) for dinner. Tonight I had the anytime Salmon and a baked potato. I also had a custom green salad (may not get again) and Corn soup (very good). For future reference, Ellen did not like the Cobia.

Before the show, I was able to catch a beautiful sunset off deck 14 aft.

IMG_20180726_post sunset rear deck

Tonight’s Entertainment was “The Flyboys” – four UK guys singers and dancers. The guys all had some West End experience and/or other theater venues. West End vocalist Aimie Atkinson was scheduled to perform tonight but something happened and these guys went on instead. I thought we had seen this group before but they had a similar name to another group. Flyboys did a lot of harmony – not my favorite – but they had good voices and were entertaining.

Seas are calm.

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