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Monday, December 25, 2017 – At Sea (Atlantic Ocean – Sunny Skies – Mid 70s

IMG_20171225_140801IMG_20171225_still in the Atlantic

The cabin continues to be a quiet one and the sea is smooth so we are getting some sleep.  We are still in the Atlantic Ocean but getting closer to the warmer waters of the Caribbean.

I now have a pretty good arrangement with the waffle and pancake maker – he starts a waffle when he sees me. The waffles have improved daily since I started having them.  Again, all the other fixins are available and I get up there early enough to find a quiet place to sit.  Breakfast is OK.

It’s another beautiful day at sea – starting to get a little warmer still.  A great day to spend all your time on the open deck on a comfy lounger.

We pushed our loungers back away from the railing to get away from the breeze (and that way, it was warmer).

IMG_20171225_view from my deck chair

View from my Lounger

On Ellen’s advice I paused my current book (“Evidence of Murder” by Lisa Black) and started a new book she had already read: “Dinner at the Center of the Earth” by Nathan Englander. The book is about the Israeli – Arab situation but the storyline is hard to describe. It is interesting.

Before getting ready for dinner, I captured a wonderful sunset in the Atlantic.

IMG_20171225_magic moment

Tonight is our second Formal Night.

Instead of going to the Dining Room, we had dinner in the Italian Café in the King’s Court – Caprese Pizza and pasta with mushrooms plus a Cesar Salad – very good.  I think the food here is better than the Dining Room and it is much quieter.  Tonight, it is not crowded.

The headliner tonight was Phillip Browne – West End Performer (Lion King) and former bus driver. He has a booming voice (very unusual and distinctive). He must have burned a 1000 calories moving around the stage. He was very entertaining – a good show.

After the show we went to the Queen’s Room to take in the Christmas Ball.  We managed to get some really good seats and it was fun watching the Gents pop around and dance with the single ladies.

IMG_20171225_Christmas Ball 1IMG_20171225_Christmas BallIMG_20171225_Royal Cunard Singers and Dancers 1IMG_20171225_Royal Cunard Singers and Dancers 2IMG_20171225_Royal Cunard Singers and Dancers

The Christmas Ball

A nice day at sea.

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