Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Thursday, November 9, 2017 – On the Rocky Atlantic – Mostly Cloudy – mid 60s

Poseidon is in a bad mood today.

The ship is creaking (including our bed) which makes it difficult to sleep (somehow the creak is not stopped by earplugs).  NOTE:  Seasick bags are now present in all of the elevators (I wonder why they put them there).

Because the ship left so late, I was able to get some sleep until about 4 AM.  But today is going to be a strange day because I am scheduled to give two presentations.  The first one is at 9:00 AM and is the “Cold Cases Solved” one that was supposed to be given a few days ago.  The second presentation is at 2 PM – “The Mystery of the Romanovs”.  Because of the early presentation, we ordered room service.  The oatmeal was OK but I didn’t eat the omelet.

The turnout at the first talk was very disappointing – based on passenger feedback during the day, most people did not see the program in the schedule and some people thought that the talk was being done twice that day and opted for the afternoon session.  Only about 60 people showed up.  I did a pretty good job of dealing with the motion of the ship – I still delivered the presentation in the front of the dance floor near the audience.

The 2 PM talk had a great turnout – about 90 percent full (270 guests).  The talks are running just about 45-50 minutes long and I have been monitoring the time carefully.  Just before the talk, the stage crew put the orchestra instruments back on the stage so that I just had the two side screens.  I couldn’t see them all that well but feedback from some passengers said that they still got the information. 

Despite the choppy seas, it is very nice out on the open deck so that’s where we spent the rest of the afternoon.   

We had dinner in the Discoveries Dining Room: Veggie Onion Soup, Cesar Salad and Horseradish crusted salmon and gnocchi for dinner – Delicious.

We passed on Craig Dahn the piano player who was discovered by Liberace.  Instead we went to the Living Room to listen to the guitar player and read.

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