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Wednesday, February 15, 2017 – Guaymas, Mexico – Cloudy – 82 F

Distance from Topolobampo, Mexico to Guaymas, Mexico: 178 Nautical Miles

Another nice breakfast on the back deck.

We are scheduled for a late arrival in Guaymas –our first time in this port.   Because of this timetable, I am on the schedule for a lecture at 11:00 AM and then the two of us are on tour in the afternoon.  It is shaping up to be a very nice day along the Sea of Cortez.

My 11:00 AM “Forensics and History:  The Lost Dauphin of France”  - came in at about 95 percent full.  Very good crowd and the biggest of the cruise so far.

We were welcomed into the port by a Mexican gunboat.  I guess they were happy to see us.


Sail In

Based on the reception we got at the pier, I am gathering that ships do not get into this port very often.  There was a band and some song girls.  There were also reporters and camera crews filming the passengers as they disembarked the ship; maybe we got on Mexican TV.


Welcoming Committee

We are both on the same tour today – “Guaymas Highlights”.  We boarded a small bus with no padded seats or shocks – I became car sick immediately and moved to another seat closer to the center of the bus – a swig of water and the change in location seemed to be enough to get me to the first destination.  Enroute, our guide told us that Guaymas was the filming location of “Catch 22” and “The Mask of Zorro”


Sea of Cortez Pearl Farm (see the oyster cages)

Our first stop (glad it wasn’t too far away) was the “Sea of Cortez Pearl Farm”.  It was primarily a shopping stop – for pearls – but there was also a demonstration of the pearl forming process.  It was interesting and the man who gave the talk – the owner – spoke perfect English. 


Pearl Demonstration

While passengers were shopping, we could take advantage of the pearl farm facilities. 

Soon we were back in the bus and on our way to town.  Guaymas does have a respectable shopping street with malls, fast food, and some familiar stores.  Our destination was the church – built in the 19th Century - and main square.

We did a brief run through at the church.


Outside the Church



Guaymas Church

The square - Plaza 23 de Julio – was just across the street - was full of people and there was a show going on as well as a exhibition involving young painters.  I was able to get close enough to get good pictures of the cowgirls dancing.  I guess dancing cowgirls is a thing in Mexico.


Guaymas Cowgirls Kicking Up Their Boots

After the square, we boarded the bus for a short ride to the next sight – an historic jail.  I walked through the jail and saw the tower, where they kept the most dangerous offenders.  All told, not that interesting.  I did get a good view of the Plaza de los Tres Presidentes across the street. 


Bad Boy Tower


Plaza de los Tres Presidentes

From the jail, we walked across the street to the plaza, which commemorates three Mexican Presidents born in Guaymas.


That was our last stop so the bus headed back to the pier.  By the time we got to the pier, the sun was setting.


Returning to the Guaymas Pier

Tonight, we had dinner in Discoveries with Mike Hick and wife, Cor and Pat, and Lou and Wife.  A pleasant dinner.

Showtime tonight was Russ Grieve’s one man show – “For Once in My Life”.  He sang songs from the 50s, 60s, and 70s (culminating in his signature “Mama Mia” segment) and told us a little about himself and how he got to where he is today.  It was most entertaining.


“Mama Mia” Here I Go Again…

From the open deck, I was able to get a moonshot over Guaymas, Mexico.


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