Thursday, February 4, 2016

Thursday, November 26, 2015 – Partly Cloudy – 60sF

Happy Thanksgiving


The seas last night were clearly not following seas as we had a bumpy ride all night long, which led to some trouble sleeping.

First breakfast of the cruise was, of course, in the Windows Cafe.  I had a Waffle / Cottage Cheese / Jams  plus scrambled eggs.  The breakfast was OK and not crowded.

The ship is sailing with 544 passengers about 130 below capacity.  However, there are non passengers on board.  There are IT contractors here to reconfigure and upgrade the WiFi system as part of the refit of the Journey (going into drydock in January 2016 for a total makeover).  There are also some shoreside personnel on board doing some kind of evaluation.

The Captain is our old friend from Norway, Johannes Tysse (the Cap with the quip).  Love his announcements and his banter with Eric.

Lunch was in the Discoveries Restaurant.  The ship put together a Thanksgiving Brunch.  I had a bagel with lox and cream cheese, some herring (couldn’t resist) and an omelet – all good.

At 2:00 PM, I went to the Cabaret Theater to hear the Destination Speaker, Chuck Richardson, talk about Seville.  He is a good speaker and had a good turnout.

At 3:00 PM, we met up and attended a Waltz Class with Journey Featured danceers, Sasha and Dima. We tried hard but would up stepping on each other toes a lot.  Next time, no Crocs.

It was chilly on the open deck but I snuck out there to get a picture of the coast of Spain from the Starboard deck.  We were pretty close to the mainland.  You can still see some chop in the water.


The Coast of Spain

Tonight, based on the menu in the Dining Room, we opted to eat in the Windows Cafe.  My meal consisted of a Veggie Wrap, freshly prepared Cesar Salad, and freshly grilled Grouper.  Dinner was tasty and not crowded.  Much quieter and peaceful at the buffet and the view is really good.

Spent most of the evening in the Looking Glass Lounge listening to Anton and his guitar and reading – am reading another Reacher Novel  “Bad Luck and Trouble” (number 7 in the series).

Showtime tonight featured Pianist Adam Johnson; we didn’t stay due to my having a headache – still dealing with a significant sleep deficity. 

Hoping for smoother seas…

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