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Thursday, June 11, 2015 – At Sea – Party Cloudy – 80s

It is – boringly – another wonderful day at sea.

After grabbing a mocha decaf latte (still looking for the right formula), Ellen and I attended an art lecture at 10:00 AM - “History of Impressionism” – in the Connexions Lounge.  It was a very interesting lecture given by one of the curators of the art displays on board.  I had a bit of trouble with his Brit accent but I got most of the information.

At 11:00 AM, I went to hear my opposite number, Peter Quantermaine, give a presentation entitled, “Selling the Sea – Classic Maritime Posters”.  Interesting topic…

After feeling like a regular passenger for a few days, it has now come down to getting to work.

My first presentation, “The Whitechapel Murders”, is scheduled for 12:15 – 1:00 PM in the Royal Court Theater.  I got there a bit early to make sure all the AV worked and to greet some passengers.  I am in my new lecture uniform (dark coat, tie, and gray slacks).  Some passengers have arrived early.  We asked one of the techs to take a picture of us and it turned out pretty good.

20150611_Talk 1 pre (Small)

I was introduced by Alex MacDonald (Assistant Entertainment Director). 

20150611_ Whitechapel Alex intro (Small)

The talk was revised to be an opening talk – previewing the rest of the series – and providing some technical back ground, as well. 


20150611_ Whitechapel 2 (Small)20150611_ Whitechapel 3 (Small)

20150611_Whitechapel (Small)

“The Whitechapel Murders"

The talk went well – the theater is huge and interacting with the audience is difficult (they are so far away you can’t hear their comments).  However, the turnout was good for a first talk – around 200 people based on the occupancy of the theater.  It was a good start.

We got some lunch in the Lido Restaurant (buffet).

As always, and especially during nice days, we are on the open deck reading and relaxing.

Tonight is Formal Night, so golf shirts give way to shirt, tie, and jacket.  We even saw some guys turned away due to the dress code in the Britannia Restaurant.  The dinner again was excellent.

20150611_ Sunset 3 (Small)

Post-Dinner Sunset

We attended the Production Show - “Victoriana” – in the Royal Court Theater.  Although the costumes were great and the singers most enthusiastic, the songs and dances were clearly Anglo-centric and we did not recognize any of them (the audience did and loved them).

20150611_Victoriana (Small)

20150611_ Victoriana 1-1 (Small)

We finished off the evening in the Commodore Lounge.

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