Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thursday, April 30, 2015 – Caribbean Sea – Party Cloudy – 82F

Seas continue to be rough…

20150430_rough seas (Small) 20150430_choppy (Small)

Another early breakfast so I can get to my second presentation - “The Discovery of DNA Fingerprinting” (re-named from “Landmark Cases”).

The attendance for this presentation at 9:30 AM had increased from the initial presentation – estimated at 180 persons.  Pretty interactive group.

Lunch in the Panorama Buffet – some kind of fish with tangy sauce.  Good and full of protein.

Another afternoon of reading out on Deck 5 – surprisingly, the deck is sparsely occupied despite the nice weather and breeze.  Finished “Lost Light” and now am reading “Malicious Intent” an Anya Crichton novel by Kathryn Fox.  I gave up on a previous book by this author but this one has a good hook.

Another dinner in the Panorama Bistro – this time - “California Pizza” – sun dried tomatoes and avocados.  Good but not as good as the vegetarian version.

The headliner tonight is Bob Arno, a professional pickpocket – we have seen his show before and although he is entertaining, the show gives me the willies.  We will pass.

The evening is all about music in the Casino Lounge, reading, and playing solo games of Words with Friends.

The seas are still rough and we are now scheduled to arrive late into Curacao (due to a strong headwind and oncoming seas).

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