Monday, October 27, 2014

Saturday, October 25, 2014 – Pre-Cruise – Lisbon, Portugal – Sunny – 81F

Another beautiful day in Lisbon…

20141025_Sunny Day 2 Lisbon (Small)

According to weather history, the temps should be in the mid 60s.  No complaints here.  In the only pair of shorts I brought along.

Really slept late this morning – finally got up at 9:30 AM about three hours later than usual.  Serious jet lag, I guess.  We both got down to the breakfast area around 10:15 AM.  Pretty crowded but not surprising considering it is the weekend.  We may be the only English speaking folks in the hotel – fortunately, the hotel staff are all fluent in English.

The buffet is pretty good – scrambled eggs, assorted cereals, fruit, a bunch of cheeses (lots of unidentifiable meat for everyone else).  There are also breads and rolls and sweet items.  You can’t starve at this buffet.  They also have one of those hi-tech coffee makers that can provide all varieties of coffee.  The decaf was a disappointment (essentially undrinkable even when diluted with hot water and milk). 

After breakfast, we set out to check out the Estefania Neighborhood.  The area is a mix of small restaurants (with menus that don’t offer us many options), some shops, many small groceries, and empty lots.  There are some residential buildings both old and new and there is graffiti everywhere.  The sidewalks are cobblestone and difficult on the feet (can’t imagine how people walk on these stones when it rains). 

The hotel is right across the street from a massive hospital and the area is home to at least four other hospitals (confirmed by the constant sirens coming from ambulances).

The drivers are very polite and obey the signals and crosswalks.  The streets in this area are generally single lane and not filled with a lot of cars. 

After our exploration, we returned to the hotel to read and relax in our very nice room.  Still jet lagged so we will try to make it to 10 PM in an attempt to get on local time.


Pedometer: 8062 steps; 3.51 miles; 287 calories

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