Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Monday, February 13, 2012 – At Sea – Atlantic Ocean – Mostly Cloudy – 60s

The seas were smooth last night but I could have slept a bit better – the room was pitch black (I need a little light).

Wake up call at 6:45AM.  Ellen went to exercise class and I went to the Ocean View Cafe.  I found my ideal breakfast – waffles with cottage cheese, sour cream, whipped cream, and blueberry topping.  I also like the coffee in the new paper cups.  Peaceful breakfast.

Spent the morning in the Solarium until the noise became too much so we headed for the Sky Lounge, which was quiet and perfect for reading.

At Sea 2-13 3 (Small)

Kindling in the Sky Lounge

At Sea 2-13 1 (Small)

View from Sky Lounge

  At Sea 2-13 2 (Small)

View from Sky Lounge plus feet

Had a nice lunch in the Ocean View Cafe – salads (tuna, three bean, and macaroni salad).

My first talk - “The CSI Phenomenon” was scheduled for 1:15 PM in Celebrity Central.  Celebrity Central has 187 seats.  There were some early attendees but the place was SRO by the start of the talk – extra chairs were brought in.  We estimated the crowd at about 200 – Full and more.  Enthusiastic and energetic audience. More than 90 percent of the attendees were regular fans of the CSI type shows.  All ages were represented in the audience.

We stayed for Melinda Bates – former White House Activities Director (Clinton Administration).  She’s a very good speaker and has some interesting vintage photos.

The afternoon consisted of walking the decks and some reading.

Dinner was up in the Ocean View Cafe – another pasta and salad evening.  The pasta was very good tonight as were the three bean salad and macaroni salad (same items from lunch).

We are not going to attend “Solstice the Show” since we have seen it many times before.  Instead we listed to the Ray Brown Jr. Jazz Group in the Ensemble Lounge – pretty relaxing music for the most part.  I have started the “Solomon Key” novel on my Kindle App. 

The rest of the evening was spent looking for a quiet place to site and read.

Tomorrow – San Juan, Puerto Rico

Pedometer: 8664 steps; 4.1 miles; 424 calories

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