Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Santorini - Kusadasi - Eastern Mediterranean Cruise – Celebrity Solstice

Let’s hop in the “Way-Back” Machine for a bit since I wanted to share and expand on previous posts (Einstein said it was OK). If some of these shots and thoughts were already posted, well, then enjoy them again…

July 8, 2009 – The Beautiful Mediterranean

Sometimes, when you are in such a beautiful environment – in this case, a great ship and wonderful vistas, you take some things for granted. This photo of the Mediterranean is one of those. The sea is calm, deep blue and endless – the biggest lake (you might say) that we have ever sailed on

beautiful mediterranean

The Mediterranean from the Lawn Club

July 8, 2009 – Santorini, Greece

This beautiful Island, name for St. Irene, just had too many beautiful sites to share. However, I did forget one – a beautiful woman and a beautiful ship with the Santorini Caldera in the background

ET and the Solstice

Ellen and the Solstice

Mykonos town is your typical quaint Greek harbor town complete with restaurants, internet cafes, and endless shops. It looks like, any minute, Zorba will pop up and start a Greek line dance. Instead of Zorba you get me (people used to say I looked like Anthony Quinn).

HMT Mykonos Harbor

July 12, 2009 – Kusadasi, Turkey

We visited Kusadasi as part of a business-pleasure trip about 12 years ago. We stayed in a nice 5 star hotel but we didn’t get a chance to see much of the city. This time around, we made a point of walking around the colorful harbor area. Since this is a resort town, there are more English speaking folks in the stores.

But in the harbor area itself there were two sites not mentioned earlier. The first is the hill near the water with an imposing statue of Turkey’s founder, Ataturk, staring down at the city to make sure all is OK

Attaturk on Mountain - kusadasi

Ataturk on watch duty

The second site is the tiny, island complete with fort (to protect the harbor) and home to a colony (correct word?) of pigeons. The birds are the source of the city’s name, Kusadasi (Bird Island).

Bird Island - Kusadasi

Bird Island

This island now had a causeway connecting it to Kusadasi – 12 years ago, you needed a boat to get the island. Our guide told us that this is destined to become a Club Med in the near future. This will surely change the personality of Bird Island.

A few years ago, Chicago (where we live), had a promotion going involving Paper Mache cows. These cows, decorated in the most unusual ways, were all over the city. Apparently, a few of them bought air tickets and flew to Kusadasi, where they can now be seen in the pier restaurant area

Kusadasi Cows and ET

Ellen and our ex-pat Chicago Cows

The vendors here are very low key unlike other destinations. This means you can actually walk down the streets and enjoy the ambience without being hassled.

Kusadasi shopping area and HMT

At the Kusadasi Shopping Area

You may have caught on to a theme here – namely to document that were actually at these locations.

Kusadasi also has very nice little beach areas. This particular one has a great view of our floating 5 star hotel – the Celebrity Solstice.

Solstice docked Kusadasi

The Solstice in Kusadasi Harbor

July 13, 2009 – At Sea – Aegean Sea

A relaxing day at sea – a lot of beautiful Greek Islands – and my presentation today went well. The only thing that is needed to complete this great day is a relaxing dinner in the Grand Epernay Dining Room – complete with window seat. Mission accomplished.

Dinner in the Grand E restaurant

Dinner at the Grand Epernay Dining Room

We now return you to our regular blogging…

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